Server Rules

Rules 1

Green Zones

Main Garage Only.
Vehicle Shops.
• Restaurants & Company.

You can't Harm, Shoot, Carry, Take-Hostage someone in Green Zone. Park your Cars in Right manner & Keepout from using Horn/Burnout.

Blue Zone
Blue Zone includes Police Department areas where extra protection are afforded to police.

Red Zone
Red Zone includes Weed Farms and Weed, Coke, Meth and Opium Factory/Processing Areas. Mostly Gang turfs where they rule on it.

Meta Gaming
Taking information outside game & using it in RP situaition is not allowed.
Doing communication outside game isnt allowed. Must use Phone or Radio.

FearRP - Players must value their lives. You can take revive and respawn but must value it.
Player also should value thier Vehicles, Items or Assets.
(Example: Do not try to run or punch someone when they have a gun to your head. Comply with all demands of criminals for fear of retaliation.)

No RDM  (Random Death Match) - You must not kill someone without a valid reason or giving them a reasonable ultimatum.
No VDM  (Vehicle Death Match) - You can't kill/Harm Someone with any given reason with a vehicle.

You can't Disconnect from a RP situation without completing it. You can't Disconnect while in a Police Chase, Police Custody, Cell & Under Observation of Police even Respawn is available.

Rules 2


You cant use Hate Speech and Slang.
You cant talk after death. You must cooperate with the given situation weather if you are at Pain, Hurt or Dead. If you are knocked unconscious or killed,   you have to act as an injured person. You can't run or fight.
You must not Carry or do Toxicity with a dead body. You can still take it to the hospital with a good intention.
• Participating in the same situation or location after being dead within 15 minutes is strictly prohibited.
• Doing 3rd Party in Robbery or Code-Red is prohibited..
• You must not share information about illegal processing with others or teach to new players. They have figure it out on their own.
• Exploiting bugs or using hacks. Using Glitch or Emote for Taking Advantage.

Rules 3

Bank/Shop Robbery Rules
• Free passage
• 7 second start
• No Spikes
• No Gps

Additional Info
• You can only claim 2 out of them.Police will start pitting after 5 minutes of the chase and Off-road and highway.
• No One Can Escape or get Shelter in Green Zone or in any Persons Owned house.
• There can be only 4 Peoples Involved in a Whole bank Robbery Situation and 3 in shop robbery, 6 in Principle Bank Robbery.
• Jumpping in the Seas/Oceons will result in code red. Going Off-road without a Off-Road vehicle isn't Allowed.
• If you have backup outside of the robbery situation then they have to be 1 km away from the robbery location.
• Fake hostages are not allowed. (Example: Friends who are pretending to be a hostage.) House Robbery siren (New)