Platinum Membership

Queue Priority

Personal Pet

Custom Weapon Skin Menu

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Discord Platinum Role

Ability to Drag people out of the car

Vape System

Plat:1 Custom Vehicle
One of One custom private Vehicle for you. Only 1 in the whole City.
• 1 Car: 899 TK
• 2 same Car: 1299 TK
• 3 same Car: 1599 TK
• 4 & 5 same Car: 1999 TK

Plat:2 Custom House
• Custom light weighted House in the city.
• Doorlock to the Owner.
• Personal Stash.
• 1299 TK Subscription Based System.

To Buy Plat Features! Open a Ticket on Discord for Platinum-Purchase

Terms & Conditions

If anyone found misusing Platinum features, their Platinum Membership will be revoked for a certain time period & there wont be a refund. We will also inform you if we found you having inappropriate discord bio’s, it might be your personal thing but you are at the top representing Haka Gorib.