Gang Rules

• You must have a follow-up situation with a proper, valid RP in order to take someone hostage and make a demand. You can’t take someone for silly reasons and demonize them for life.
• You must not provide your game account or any identifiyers for other others to do RP as a official gang

• Gang Fights Cooldown is 30 mins.
• Random Situations Gang vs Gang [8-8] | Gang vs Citizens [6-4].
• Should follow Dress Code & must not change frequently.
• No One Can Escape or get Shelter in Green Zone or in any Persons Owned house.

• Must have a Strong and Valid Beef with a Good Effort RP Situation as a result of a Turf Attack.
• 2 turfs can be takenover within one week.
• Turf Defender [10] | Attacker [10].